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Actualizado: 30 jul 2021


FEROCES is a collection of eight ceramics to drink coffee inspired by endangered species in México. It is based on the idea that drinking coffee is like taking a break and spending a few minutes with ourselves since today's strict lifestyle does not allow it. Due to this, society faces a fear of loneliness but at the same time an apathy towards other living beings. The idea comes from the concept of accompanying the user when it comes to drinking coffee or tea and is inspired by the animal kingdom because of their impressive fierce and passion these beings show towards the planet and life itself. On the one hand, this project encourages people to practice self-knowledge and on the other hand to empathise with other living beings; starting with the animals and the beauty of their behaviour.

Like the other collections made by mugoceramica, FEROCES plays aesthetically with the variety of colours used in traditional Mexican ceramics and contrasts them with the excessive sobriety presented by trends in contemporary ceramics. The whole collection was designed by Marcelo Cerda for the mugoceramica and is being displayed at Museum of Modern Art (MUNAL) in Mexico City as part of the Mexican Design Open(Abierto Mexicano de Diseño)

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