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Stylish Spiders!

Actualizado: 11 ago 2021

Lockdown has taught us that fun and amusement are essential to get through our days so our designer Marcelo Cerda has launched a concept design collection exploring the abstraction in design focused on creating a playful experience when having a drink.

SPIDERS is a four set collection launched by the studio Mugo Ceramica. The whole collection plays with abstraction, minimalism and aesthetics and the concept of every set provides the user an authentic experience from a very peculiar inspiration: Spiders

Sleepy Spider is a ceramics tea set consisting of a plate and a cup, inspired by a Daddy Long Legs, it was designed to create a relaxing and fun experience when drinking tea.

The abstracted shapes of the arachnid’s combined with the material's features aims to create an interesting interaction with the user; When the cup is full, the spider’s head is straight due to the weight of the liquid, however, it will start to point down and look ‘sleepy’ as the cup empties up which is an analogy of the way we feel once our tea is over.

Walking Spider: is an espresso set inspired by the movement of the spiders, so when assembled two or four cups will resemble the arachnids’ walk.

The spiders’ aesthetic features were analysed and synthesised in such way that the set will always look like a walking spider and the minimalistic design plays with the expression and abstraction reflected in this proposal.

Hunting spiders: Is a set of Mezcal shots (Mezcal is a distilled alcoholic Mexican beverage made from agave and it’s drunk by zipping it to taste it properly) that can assemble one on another as if they have just jumped over. Inspired by the Jumping spider and the way they hunt.

Leaf eater spider: Is a concept tea leaves strainer that catches the leaves when pouring the tea over a cup. Once on the cup the strainer resembles a spider waiting to be fed with the tea leaves as the liquid strains to the cup.

The whole collection was designed by Marcelo Cerda for the Studio Mugo Ceramica. Some of the sets were shown previously (Limited white ceramics edition of Walking Spider was shown over Mexico Design Week 2019 and so was Sleepy Spider at Laguna Prize in 2019) and some others are brand new.

What characterises the most this collection is the way the user is involved as all of the sets ‘behave differently when using it’ providing the user an amusing aesthetic experience while having a drink.

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