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TENORES is a collection of 8 ceramics inspired by Mexican birds designed to encourage people to express themselves.

The current Pandemic has shown all of us that nothing is certain and our life can change in the blink of an eye.

The economist Katherine Trebeck mentions that according to the Author Bronnie Ware; one of the top common regrets when people die, is the lack of courage to express oneself. (Trebeck, 7.30)[1]

Taking that into account; The concept behind TENORES is to encourage people to express themselves; birds were chosen as an analogy of expression and encourage people to ‘sing out loud’ as well as to listen to the sounds of everything and everyone, including their own selves.

In terms of inclusivity, the collection aims to share a little of the Mexican culture through a common habit; drinking tea.

TENORES also intends to combine art and design symbolic and aesthetically in order to make every piece meaningful; Aesthetically, the collection contrasts the cheerfulness of the colours and shapes inspired by the birds with the symbolic melancholy of knowing some of those birds are endangered and some of their songs might be listened to no more; the inspiration of every piece goes from the Mexican House finch which is a very social and common to endangered birds like the Yellow-headed Amazon.

As for the technique used; the pieces are all handmade, combining moulds and glazes all applied by hand, making every mug unique.

More than ceramic collection TENORES is a tribute to birds in general and their role in the worldwide environment as well as an invitation to strive for a more sustainable lifestyle.

[1] Trebeck, Katherine ‘Why the Future Economy has to be a Wellbeing Economy’ TEDxMünchen BACK TO THE FUTURE November 2019 Münchner Kammerspiele,

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